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논문 안내
▶Call for paper
-Important dates
Paper submission: 2019년 11월 12일 
Acceptance notification: 2019년 11월 12일
Conference date: 2019년 11월 14일 ~ 16일 

▶Major Topics
-Artificial Intelligence
AI theory, Machine learning theory, AI applications, Statistical learning, Multi-agent systems, Planning/reasoning, Deep learning, AI computing platforms, Neuromorphic computing, Computer vision, Robotics and perception, Neuroscience, Intelligent vehicles, Transportation, Speech and music learning, Natural language processing, AI in 5G, AI in Blockchain, AI in control, Big data, AI for Bio-medical applications

Fundamental Research for Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Point-to-point transmission, Consensus mechanism, Intelligent Blockchain, Blockchain in the financial field, Blockchain and Internet of Things, Blockchain for supply chain management,, Blockchain and Big Data, AI Blockchain, Blockchain Security, Blockchain Platforms for Applications, Trusted Platform 

▶Submission & Registration Information
-AI: http://aiassociation.kr/
-Blockchain: https://www.onoffmix.com/event/194204 

-AI: https://edas.info/N26733 , 논문양식[클릭]

-AI: kaia@aiassociation.kr
-Blockchain: wonjaek36@gmail.com
▶ Best Paper Reward
1st : KRW1,500,000  2nd : KRW1,000,000  3rd : KRW500,000